Five Ways to Create an Entertainment Space In Your Basement

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Five Ways to Create an Entertainment Space In Your Basement

Basements are a blank canvass that you can renovate to fit your family’s needs. When looking to finish your basement, the options are endless for what the space can be. You can install a basement apartment, remodel into a play room for your children, put in a home office for working from home – but what about having some fun with the space?

We have been seeing more and more homeowners opt to renovate their basement into an entertainment space. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for how to create the ideal entertainment space in for your basement finishing project:

1. Second Living Room Space

Remodeling a basement is the perfect opportunity to give your home two places where you can relax. A basement living room is the perfect place to get together with the family, watch movies, play video games, or just unwind. You can create a cozy basement living room for the whole family to enjoy and the space can grow with your needs. 

2. Movie Theater Room

Home theater rooms are not just for people with large mansions! Unfinished basements often have little to no windows, making the dark space ideal for that movie theater vibe. When finishing your basement, you can build in raisers on the floor, add rows of recliners for comfortable seating and install recessed fixtures with soft lighting you can dim. Instead of a large screen TV, you can put in a projector and screen. Wow your friends and family with a unique space for watching the big game or the latest movie!

3. Game Room

Why go to a bar or arcade when you can install a custom game room in your basement remodel? You can include all your favorites in a basement game room. You can purchase a pool table, your favorite vintage arcade games, a dart board, a poker table, and a stock your favorite board games. Make your basement the ultimate game room and the best space for taking family game night to the next level.

4. Wet Bar

Adding a bar is a fantastic idea for upgrading your basement. There are a few options for a basement wet bar: you can simply put in cabinets with a built-in counter up against the wall to keep the space open. Or you can put in a counters and cool bar stools. Add in a built-in fridge, countertop beer tap, and lots of snacks and you can create a cool and safe hangout space. Whether you’re just hoping to entertain or you’re building the ultimate man cave, a home bar is a great addition to any basement.

5. Wine Cellar

Are you a wine connoisseur? You may want to consider installing a wine cellar in your unfinished basement.  It’s one thing to have a simple wine cellar, but if the basement is large enough, it can be so much more. For some homeowners, the cellar can also serve as a dining area. You can also set it up to invite guests over for the occasional wine tasting. Wine should be stored in a cool and dark place without direct sunlight, which makes the basement and ideal space. Any basement renovation requires eliminating moisture intrusion, but this is especially important for your wine cellar. You will want to address any leaks before you start your project. An expert can guide you through all the logistics.

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