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Kitchen Remodeling

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local handyman omaha Your Local Handyman Service is Here to Help - A woman from Bellevue called us one day stating she was desperate for help. Her glass atrium, which sat over her patio, had a panel fall out.  She was very worried about some kind of wildlife getting into the patio—something which she would prefer to avoid. So, we came out and fixed it for her. It turns out that she had a number of things around the house that she hadn’t been able to fix. While we were there, we went around the house with her and checked these problems off her to-do list. Sure, there were some things we… READ MORE
How to Elevate Your Bathroom (With Remodeling Tips!) - Is your bathroom an eyesore? Is it cluttered? Plain? Archaic? Time for a revamp! Making an outdated or boring bathroom look luxurious doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled a few simple updates you can make to elevate your bathroom and, as always, if you ever need help with a home remodeling project, including bathroom remodels, Houston Services is here to help! Before getting started, gather some images online that inspire you. Pinterest is a great place to find pictures of bathroom remodel ideas. Many of our clients actually come to us with photos from Pinterest to give us… READ MORE
Kitchen Renovation Kitchen Storage Solutions for Any Sized Space - Every ordinary kitchen is made great by adding exceptional storage. A kitchen without ample storage provides frustrations when it comes to organizing, cleaning, cooking, and prepping. But, a kitchen with storage can be a breeze to work in, to gather in, to celebrate in and more.  Many of those who have kitchens with little to no storage are in that position because the kitchens have little to no space. Smaller kitchens are common but seemingly difficult to workaround. However, Houston Services has a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to storage. Since we have the expertise to remodel… READ MORE
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