Adding a Bedroom to your Basement Remodel

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Adding a Bedroom to your Basement Remodel

You may not consider your basement to be the coziest space for you or guests to sleep. Often, basements are used for doing laundry, storage, a game room or even a workbench.

However, whether you are considering or undergoing a basement remodel, Houston Remodeling Services almost always recommends adding a bedroom. Why? Because adding a bedroom is easy, affordable, and greatly increases the value of your home. Plus, if you are renovating your basement, it may turn out to be the coziest space in your home!

What Makes a Room a Bedroom?

Whether you want this extra room to be used as a bedroom, or something else entirely (craft room, office, playroom, etc.) there are a few simple additions to a basement room that make it a bedroom.

Egress Windows

egress window

The big one is an egress window. This meets the building code requirements of a bedroom because there must be a way to escape in case of fire. Most modern houses already have these in the basement, so it may not even be a necessary addition. This means for you, it doesn’t add to the cost of the job!


Closet space is pretty essential when you think about a bedroom. Adding a closet to a room can take minimal room and increase your amount of storage. And, who doesn’t need more storage?

Smoke Detectors

This is a simple but vital addition to a bedroom. Keep family and guests safe in their room by installing a smoke detector into your basement bedroom. Better safe than sorry!

Making these updates is simple but has a huge impact. In the United States, on average, a finished basement with a bedroom gives you a return of 70 to 75% of your investment.

Don’t Forget to Hire the Professionals

While these may seem like small touches that make a room to a bedroom, we still recommend that you hire professionals for any home remodeling project you undertake. Building codes can get complicated, and you want to make sure your home follows code to give back the value you desire. This could be things from proper ceiling height, ensuring low hanging plumbing or ductwork is properly moved, that egress windows are the right size and numerous other guidelines are followed.

If you are considering a basement remodel, a bedroom addition or both, contact Houston Services. Our remodeling services are professional, quick and honest. Our reviews speak for themselves!

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