4 Steps to a Complete Half Bathroom Remodel

A composite of a half bathroom remodel project that we recently did. It includes a toilet in the center of the image, a bathroom sink and mirror with lights on top on the left, and a tub next to the toilet on the right.

4 Steps to a Complete Half Bathroom Remodel

There are many spaces in your home that are easy to overlook when looking to make updates and remodel. One of those spaces are half bathrooms. But, as we all know, those small spaces have a big impact on guests who come to your home. Often half bathrooms serve as the main facilities utilized by visitors. While this space can be easily overlooked, they can have a big impact on the first impressions people form of your home.

There is no denying how expensive and time-consuming house projects can be. But if done right with just enough research into materials beforehand (and having good contractors), you can create a half bath space that leaves a great first impression.

There are many things which need consideration when going through this type of renovation: which of the tasks will require a plumber to complete, or if a general contractor will be able to complete the work. Which colors, tile, and vanities to choose. And what is the possible timelines completion?

Step 1: Come Up With a Plan

Before you begin, you will want to make a clear goal for what you want out of this projects. Is the problem you’re trying to solve cosmetic or functional? Are looking for more storage? What function do you want from your fixtures – an energy-efficiency, improved functionality, better layout? Write down your goals so you do not lose sight of them.

Step 2: Meet With a Contractor

Once you know what you want, you can take your list to a contractor who will help guide you and provide ideas for solutions to you the identified areas you want to address. At Houston, we know the best solutions for your space and will work with you to design a half bathroom remodel that will work best for you and your home.

A bathroom is often a personal space that should be designed with function in mind. Proper design and planning is important in small bathrooms. You want to utilize all the space efficiently but you don’t want the bathroom to feel crowded or cluttered.

Step 3: The Demolition

Once your plan is in place, the next phase of remodeling is the demolition. This process can involve removing fixtures, tearing down old walls and floor joists to their foundation, depending on the complexity of your project. After the demolition process is complete, structural framing work, plumbing, and electrical devices are installed. At Houston, we will ensure that all the proper inspections are completed to ensure your project meets local codes. Once this is complete, drywall goes in once all inspections have passed successfully.

Step 4: Design Details

The design of a small space such as a half bathroom are important for the storage and flow of the room. Here are some things to consider when remodeling a half bathroom:

  • Shelving: You may want to consider open shelving for storage to keep the space open while providing storage.
  • Vanity: A rounded corner vanity takes up less space and can prevent accidents in a small space.
  • Flooring: There are so many options out there for flooring. You can go with the traditional ceramic tile, but there are other options for you with more economical prices but still having a luxurious look like luxury vinyl plank or even natural stone if that’s what suits your style best.

The final step in a bathroom remodel is to hook up the fixtures. Once these are installed and inspected, you’ll have yourself an all-done project!

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