How to Elevate Your Bathroom (With Remodeling Tips!)

How to Elevate Your Bathroom (With Remodeling Tips!)

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Is your bathroom an eyesore? Is it cluttered? Plain? Archaic? Time for a revamp!

Making an outdated or boring bathroom look luxurious doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve compiled a few simple updates you can make to elevate your bathroom and, as always, if you ever need help with a home remodeling project, including bathroom remodels, Houston Services is here to help!

Before getting started, gather some images online that inspire you. Pinterest is a great place to find pictures of bathroom remodel ideas. Many of our clients actually come to us with photos from Pinterest to give us an idea of what they want, and we love that. 

However, sometimes we don’t consider the costs that went into the bathrooms we see online. But, don’t fret! Houston Services works with you to get the bathroom of your dreams with the budget you have. We will also make sure the remodeling job fits the price range of the house (because you don’t want a $30k bathroom in a $120k house!) It’s all about that return on investment.

So, what are some things you can do to elevate your bathroom?

1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Paint

Paint is an affordable and easy way to update a bathroom. Even better, it’s super easy to express your tastes and style with the right color paint! A bright white can transform a bathroom into a clean, spa-like feeling, or a dark, bold color can add depth and character. Choose the vibe that is right for you. 

2. Update Hardware

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Outdated hardware can really bring a bathroom down. Replacing cabinet pulls, faucets and fixtures can be an easy facelift for your bathroom. You can get really creative with your hardware as well, finding vintage pieces at thrift stores that are back in style or opt for a bold finish, like metallic or brass.

3. Focus on Focal Pieces

A bathtub and/or shower is typically the focal piece of your bathroom. If you focus here, it’s bound to elevate your entire bathroom. Ditch the curtain and add a frameless shower door for a sleek, contemporary design. Alternatively, you can replace your tub with a free-standing tub, which can make a bathroom feel larger and elegant. 

4. Utilize Your Space

Analyze your bathroom to see where you can add extra storage. It’s not only beneficial to you, but it adds an extra dimension to your space. Freestanding cabinets and wall shelves are nice, but custom cabinetry makes a bathroom appear to be beautifully designed—and practical.

5. Get Creative 

Take simple elements, like white subway tile, to the next level by adding some creativity. Instead of stacking them like bricks, try tilting them for a herringbone or chevron pattern to add some excitement. And don’t dismiss cheaper flooring options like vinyl! If stone flooring is the look you want but can’t afford, there is a lot of amazing looking vinyl these days that look just like their stone counterparts. 

6. Include Texture

Don’t leave texture out of your design plan. Adding different textures to a bathroom adds depth and is very appealing. It’s especially nice when you’re thinking of a more monotone colored bathroom. Texture can be added by installing beadboard wainscoating, adding a bamboo floor mat, buying fluffy hand towels, using a wicker wastebasket, or updating your trim. 

7. The Devil’s in the Details

Don’t forget to accessorize, but don’t overdo it. The details matter. Hang pictures on the walls, consider the style of your soap dispenser, add some greenery, or whatever else seems to fit your style. You can also add interesting hooks for your towels or buy nice baskets to organize your shelves. The possibilities are endless!

Try Houston Services for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Need help planning your complete bathroom remodel? Contact Houston Services! We strive to save you both time and money by combining our experience, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service.

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