Why Now’s the Time to Schedule Your Screened Porch Build

A porch with a screen up. The porch has a couch with two pillows on it, as well as a coffee table and a rug.

Why Now’s the Time to Schedule Your Screened Porch Build

As the winter months wane and the promise of spring looms on the horizon, there’s no better moment to consider expanding your living space with a screened porch. From merging the best of indoor coziness and outdoor freedom to offering a bug-free retreat, a screened porch presents a myriad of advantages that elevate your living experience. Increase your loving space and enjoy the benefits of fresh air – even when it rains! These all-season rooms provide many benefits to homeowners. 

Here are five compelling reasons why you should leap at the chance to have your own screened porch before spring takes hold:


1. The Best of Both Worlds

A screened porch seamlessly combines the best elements of indoor coziness with outdoor freedom. Picture this: you’re seated comfortably, feeling the gentle breeze against your skin, listening to the calming chirps of nearby birds, all while shielded from harsh weather conditions. This space offers the joys of nature without the inconveniences. It’s your private retreat, a spot to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about rain, sunburns, or gusty winds interrupting your relaxation. A screened porch serves as a versatile extension, a place where you can revel in the outdoors without compromising on the comfort and protection of your indoor spaces.

2. Style and Protection

Unlike open patios or decks, a screened porch provides a canvas for creating a stylish and comfortable haven. No more fretting over leaving out cushions or worrying about furniture being ravaged by sudden weather shifts. Here, you can curate a cozy and attractive space shielded from sun, rain, and winds. You can hang a television, grow plants, hang art – all without the threat of weather damage.

3. Bid Farewell to Bugs

Say goodbye to unwanted guests crashing your outdoor gatherings. Screened porches offer a bug-free environment, liberating you from the constant battle against gnats, mosquitoes, and other pests. Enjoy the fresh air sans the need for layers of bug spray. This bug-free zone ensures uninterrupted relaxation, allowing you to savor outdoor moments without any pesky intrusions.

4. A Change of Scenery for Remote Work

With many of us working remotely full or even part time, a screened porch is a refreshing alternative to your home office. You can enjoy outdoor elements while still being productive. A screened porch provides the perfect balance, letting you appreciate the weather’s nuances without fretting about your laptop overheating or screen glare disrupting your tasks. It’s a conducive environment where the serene backdrop isn’t just for your personal enjoyment but becomes the envy of your colleagues during every Zoom call, presenting an effortlessly picturesque setting that elevates your virtual presence. This space seamlessly combines productivity with a breath of fresh air, enhancing your work-life balance without compromising on professional efficiency.

5. Enhance Home Value

Investing in a screened porch extends beyond mere square footage—it’s a strategic move that adds tangible value to your property. By offering an additional functional area shielded from the elements, a screened porch enhances your property’s overall desirability. Consider it a cost-effective means to elevate your home’s market value; it’s an upgrade that not only expands usable space but also amplifies the property’s marketability. Future buyers are enticed by the prospect of an enchanting outdoor retreat, envisioning moments of relaxation and entertainment in this added space, ultimately making your home more attractive and competitive in the market.


Ready to Make the Move?

Don’t let the impending arrival of spring catch you off guard. Act now to schedule your screened porch project with Houston Remodel Service. Our expertise in beautifying outdoor spaces ensures a seamless and tailored addition to your home. From design choices to execution, let us guide you through the process of creating your perfect screened porch oasis.

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