Deck Upgrades- Make Your Outside Space Beautiful Again!

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Deck Upgrades- Make Your Outside Space Beautiful Again!

Are you feeling a little cooped up at home? Tempt yourself and your family to spend more time outside with a revamped deck!

Upgrading your deck is an easy and affordable way to get it looking brand new. Plus, compared to the rest of the house, it’s a low-maintenance, low-cost way to add another living area.

Quick and Easy Deck Upgrades:

Repairing Your Deck Versus Replacing It

Many people think that an old deck, with weathered and loose boards, must be replaced. However, that is not always the case! If you are thinking about upgrading your deck, have a professional look into whether your whole deck needs replaced, or if a few boards just need to be replaced. Often times, a few replaced boards will do the trick, saving you both time and money.

Upgrading Wood Decking to Composite

deck improvements & deck upgrades with composite decking by Houston Remodeling.
Composite and Wood Decking

Homeowners often choose wood decking because it’s familiar, readily available, and affordable. At least, most homeowners in the past. Nowadays, it’s very common for wood deck owners to upgrade to composite decking because it’s extremely low maintenance.

Wood decking can pose problems such as splinters, rot, continuous maintenance like staining or sealing, and damage from pests like termites. Using composite removes all of those problems.

When changing from wood to composite, typically Houston Services will have to add more floor joists. However, the cost to replace the deck with treated lumber is often about the same as replacing the deck boards with composite decking. Even if composite is more expensive than wood initially, it usually ends up paying for itself within 2-3 years when including the cost of annual maintenance.

New Deck Railings

Deck railing repair with vinyl and aluminum Railing. Deck upgrade by Houston Remodeling Services.
Vinyl and Aluminum Railing

Adding a railing can make a deck feel like a complete, enclosed space, while still being open to the outside. Whether you’re adding a new railing or replacing an old one, they are quite a few material options to choose from.

Glass Balusters installed for custom decks
Glass Balusters

Railings are often upgraded to vinyl, a combination of vinyl and aluminum, or just aluminum. In addition, we can also use glass balusters, so you get all the safety benefits, without compromising any of the view.

Under-Deck Roof Addition

Another common deck upgrade is adding a roof underneath a second-story deck. This creates a dry, spacious patio underneath your current deck, adding more useable outdoor space and giving you options for where to spend time outside. An under-deck roof can be made with vinyl or colored aluminum, whichever best matches your style.

Under-Deck Roof Addition. Deck upgrades by Houston Remodeling
Vinyl Under-Deck Roofing

Looking to Upgrade Your Deck?

In addition to the upgrades we mentioned above, we can also fix steps or stairs, build customer benches and seating, add lattice skirting, build a pergola, and create an outdoor kitchen. The options are endless!

So why not create your custom dream deck today? Contact Houston Services today for a free deck estimate. We can get it looking brand new in no time!

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