5 Design Trends That Should Not Be on Your Vision Board

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5 Design Trends That Should Not Be on Your Vision Board

Most homeowners have a running list of home improvement projects. Whether these items are written down or just taking up space in your imagination, we all have one! You may even have a vision board or virtual collection of items you would love to see in your remodeled spaces. Often times these vision boards include the latest and greatest trends when it comes to home design. There are many trends that are not only stylish but also functional – and have the potential to become timeless. On the other hand, there are some tends that turn out to be impractical and go out of style quickly.

From our experience, here are the top 5 design trends that you should skip on your next remodeling project:

1. Barn Door Style Closet Doors:

A home decor trend of recent years has been the rustic, farmhouse style. One aspect of this trend was using barn doors in the interior spaces of your home – notably as closet doors. While these can appear to be a functional work of art – they may not be as functional as one may think. Often with this style you can only open one side of the closet at a time. However, there are alternatives that give you a unique style element that is actually functional. You can opt for bi-fold or pocket doors instead. 


2. Golden Oak Cabinets & Trim:

Many homes built in the past 30 years were fit with standard kitchens with golden oak cabinet and the entire home trimmed with the same wood style. This detail can instantly age a home. But, doing a complete replacement of cabinets and trim in your entire house can be very costly. At Houston, we can reduce the cost to you by painting the cabinets in your kitchen and replacing the hardware with more modern finishes. This adds an instant facelift and brings your home into the current century.  


3. Subway Tile:

Subway Tile has seen a resurgence in recent years. While it is a fantastic option for your bathroom, you may want to re-consider using it as a backsplash in your kitchen. For your kitchen, the best and most versatile option for a backsplash is ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile as they come in many shapes, sizes and colors and can be installed in numerous patterns.


4. Overuse of Gray:

The most popular “neutral” paint color in recent years is gray, an alternative to the traditional “apartment beige”. However, it is most popular with house flippers who tend to over-use the color. It can be seen as dark gray on cabinets and then lighter gray on the walls. It has become so popular that you can spot a “flipped” house from a mile away from just the paint colors. A similar, yet more classic neutral is “greige” which is a combination of gray and beige – and Sherwin Williams’ most popular color in 2022. 


5. Open Floor Plans:

We have completed many remodeling projects over the years with the overall goal being to “open up” the space. Open floor plans have been very popular. But, as families live in the space, they start to notice 2 things: 1) It is difficult to control the temperature of the space since it is so large and 2) too much open space does not provide much opportunity for smaller groups to gather and visit when you have guests as it can get loud and hard to hear what anyone is saying. 

There are ways you can open up the space in your home, while maintaining separate living spaces. We would love to meet with you to come up with a hybrid plan for your home!



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