4 Ways to Prepare Your Kitchen for Holiday Guests

4 Ways to Prepare Your Kitchen for Holiday Guests

The tree is up and decorated, the gifts are purchased and wrapped, and the invitations to your holiday party have gone out. It is time to start planning and purchasing the food and beverages for your big holiday soiree. The lists are made, the menu planned… but your kitchen could use a little holiday magic. This time of year, the kitchen gets a lot of use – from baking holiday treats, to hosting friends and family – you are reminded why the kitchen is so often referred to as the heart of the home.

As we head into the busy holiday season, here are 4 ways you may want to consider updating your kitchen to accommodate the heavy load it will carry in the following weeks:

1. Add An Additional Oven:

Double ovens can give you more oven capacity as well as more flexibility to prepare multiple dishes at once that require different settings. For holiday entertaining, you often have many different dishes going on at once that require different cooking temperatures. Cooking dishes simultaneously, plus the option to use an oven in warming mode, saves you precious minutes as well as the hassle of reheating before serving. Two ovens also provides for extra space to produce the quantity and quality of food you want.

2. Open Up Your Kitchen:

You may find that guests tend to congregate in the kitchen during holiday and family gatherings. If you have an open kitchen concept, this will allow for guests to be near the kitchen without actually crowding it. An open kitchen makes collective spaces appear more spacious and facilitates smooth flow between common areas, making it ideal for entertaining. This may be a more time consuming project you don’t want to take on just a few weeks before Christmas, so now is the time to get that renovation scheduled for next year!

3. Add A Second Refrigerator:

If you are good at the retro videogame Tetris, then you may be a master or arranging and filling your refrigerator to the max. The downside to this is that it makes it hard to regulate the temperature if your refrigerator is overloaded. This is why we recommend considering installing a second refrigerator. Often homeowners will “retire” their existing refrigerator to the garage or the basement. But, you may want to consider using space in a nearby nook or pantry if there is adequate space. Then, you can showcase the brand new unit in the kitchen for all to see.

4. Add Additional Outlets:

Holiday buffets often include many crockpots and food warmers, and when baking – you need power sources for stand mixers and other devices. If you love in an older home, you are well aware that outlets are at a premium in a kitchen. If you are undergoing a renovation in your kitchen, you will want to consider installing extra outlets and be creative with the placement of them as well to make them convenient for entertaining.


Though it may feel too late to make some of these changes before this upcoming holiday season – there are things you can do TODAY to make sure your kitchen is ready for the heavy load of the Christmas season. You will also want to pay attention to what you wish your kitchen could do for you this time of year so we can schedule your renovation today to make next year that much more jolly.

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